The Hive, Call for interactive ideas, Deadline: January 2, 2013

The Hive, Call for interactive ideas, Deadline: January 2, 2013

EFA Project Space and A Blade of Grass partner to present The Hive, an adaptive arena for artistic projects that redefine audiences and encourage symbiotic, dynamic interaction among participants.  We are currently requesting proposals for the first presentation of The Hive at EFA Project Space in 2013.

“The Hive”- Narrative

Artists today are working in a new capacity–one that challenges the definition of art itself by introducing new ways for art to become a part of everyday life.  Instead of making work in the context of exhibitions and objects for display, artists are focusing on the processes of collaboration and reciprocity with a goal of generating engagement through experiences, interactions or services.  “The Hive” explores this new arena by inviting artists to use the gallery as a lab rather than as an exhibition venue. Selected artists and creators will explore the outer reaches of art by creatively connecting with different audiences, and creating projects that concretely engage viewers in communication and interaction.

“The Hive” is a metaphor for the interconnected world that we live in today: a hive’s structure depends on the web of relationships that sustain it.  These relationships ultimately exemplify collaboration in the working process, as many different types of people work interdependently to build a structure, start a business, and so forth.  Art can be just this interconnected. It is one element that connects with many others in order to provide an experience that is socially relevant and aesthetically profound.


Selected initiative(s) will be granted the opportunity to inhabit all, or a portion of EFA Project Space’s 3,500 square foot gallery for a duration of one to six weeks, and will be sponsored by EFA Project Space and A Blade of Grass.  Do you have an idea that crystallizes the essential concepts of The Hive?

If so, please provide the following information by January 2, 2013:

1) Synopis of project including its duration and its relevance to the organizing concept of The Hive (300 words)

2) What is unique about this project? What problem or existing need does this project address? (200 word max)

3) Who are the direct participants? How many will there be? And how will they be identified and secured? (200 word max)

4) Who is (are) the audience(s)? (200 word max)

5) What is the desired impact of this project, and its ultimate goal?(200 word max)

6) How does your project utilize EFA Project Space? What are the hours of use? What equipment and resources will be needed? (200 word max)

7) Are all aspects of the project open to the public? If not, in what ways will the public have access to the content? (200 word max)

8) Tell us about yourself in a one paragraph narrative bio. If there are multiple collaborators, please include a separate paragraph for each collaborator (200 word max)

9) Tell us about a past project of yours that relates to your current proposal. Would you consider it a success? What are you looking to build on? What are you looking to change based on this past project experience? (200 word max)

10) Please describe a cultural project or experience that has most inspired you. (200 word max)

In addition to the above responses, please include the following:

1) a professional reference, with email, phone number and relationship

2) a breakdown of your expenses

3) Resume

4) documentation of previous projects- five items total (pdf of images, link to video, press releases, reviews)

Note: Proposals are especially encouraged from individuals in the NYC region. There are no funds available for travel or lodging expenses.

Proposals should be sent in an email no larger than 10 mb with the subject: “the hive proposal” to Inquiries may be sent to the same address with the subject: “the hive inquiry.” Proposals will be reviewed in January, and finalists will be contacted by early February. No phone calls please.

Find out more information about the call here:

The Hive is the next phase of EFA Project Space’s former Artist/Organizer series

EFA Project Space, a program of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts is a collaborative cross-disciplinary arts venue founded on the belief that art is directly connected to the individuals that produce it, to the communities they are a part of, and to contemporary life and that by providing an arena for exploring these connections, we empower artists to forge new partnerships and encourage the expansion of ideas.

A Blade of Grass is a New York City-based non-profit that supports artists and organizations who innovate beyond the gallery and engage communities, and creates interdisciplinary programming to foster broader, more inclusive contemporary art dialogue.