Submit your Ten Minute Play

Submit your Ten Minute Play

TMPWThe Ten Minute Play Workshop Project runs live, online video workshops for ten-minute plays. The site brings together a community of writers who seek feedback on their work. Workshops happen several times every week and are, frankly, a lot of fun!

Each semester, the Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW) project workshops 50 ten-minute plays. If you want to submit a script to be considered for a workshop session, read on! If your script is selected, you’ll be invited to signup as an author. We’ll also ask you to give back to the workshopping community by participating in two workshop sessions for other authors.

How does it work? Fifty times each semester, we meet online (web cam or phone, through GoToMeeting), do introductions, cast and read the script and then do a workshop for responses. We record the audio of the session and then publish the audio recording on the internet as a podcast for the world to hear. But wait, there’s more! We put your script on the TMPW website alongside the podcast, so folks can read along and, if you’re lucky, give you feedback even after the workshop is over.

TMPW is now accepting submissions of ten-minute plays that authors are interested in having workshopped during the 2013 spring semester. How do you know if you should submit your ten-minute play? First, you need to be ready to have your script workshopped. We take this stuff seriously, and anyone who has had a good workshop done on their writing knows it can be a valuable experience and give you insight into your characters, their voices, and your story.

To find out more information about submitting your scripts to the Ten Minute Play workshop please follow this link: