New Selections for ArtsKC Inspiration Artists

New Selections for ArtsKC Inspiration Artists

Inspiration-PR-I-2013Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City Board of Directors has approved $6,575 in new funding for six local artists.  Many of the artists are Artist INC Alumni. The ArtsKC Fund’s Inspiration Grant program funds special projects and professional development for individual artists.

The next deadline to apply for the Inspiration Grant is July 1, 2013.  The Guidelines can be found here:

“We directly involve members of the community in making the decisions about these grants because that’s where the money is coming from,” said Paul Tyler, Grants Director for the ArtsKC Fund.

“It means a tremendous amount to me to feel my city backing me on this project. This project already has involved the expertise of many other talented Kansas Citians, especially Daniel Parks at Quixotic,” says Lisa Lala, ArtsKC Inspiration Grant Recipient. “Now, receiving this award really makes it feel like we are all working together with the support of our community to achieve something awesome. I really would like to thank ArtsKC, and all those in the community who support them, for making this possible.”

Information about individual artist projects can be found below.

About the ArtsKC – Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City
The Arts Council advances and supports the arts for the benefit of the Kansas City region.

Lisa Lala: ($875)
Inspiration funding will provide support for professional consultations needed to help create a finished working prototype of specialized video equipment and a custom-built structure needed for a new body of work by visual artist Lisa Lala. Well known for her successful oil paintings, Lisa’s new works will be innovative light sculptures that will incorporate LED’s and processed digital video elements. This project will mark a major new direction for Lisa’s career.

Skye Livingston: ($875)
Her first solo exhibition is the focus of this request from emerging artist Skye Livingston. She plans to combine large-scale digital prints of her intimate images of the thin, translucent inner membranes of a grapefruit, painstakingly skinned, then stitched, pinned and dried, with the sensory experiences of smelling and tasting the actual flesh of the same fruit. The exhibition is scheduled for the Project Space at Paragraph Gallery in July of 2013.

Whitney Manney: ($800)
A grant from the ArtsKC Fund will help visual artist and fashion designer Whitney Manney create corporate fabrics generated from digitized images of her work for use in the designs for her WHITNEYMANNEY Spring/Summer 2014 clothing line, to be presented this fall at Kansas City Fashion Week. The printed fabrics will complement the hand dyed and block printed patterns that she will also continue to create as part of her signature look.

Eugenia Ortiz*: ($1,000)
Visual artist Eugenia Ortiz will receive funding to train in the use of fiberglass and resins to create her large scale fabric sculptures, rather than the metal frameworks that she is accustomed to using. Successful use of these new materials will help her to pursue her goal of creating large scale public art pieces for outdoor installation. Eugenia received a previous Inspiration grant to help complete a massive installation piece for her MFA thesis solo exhibition at KU.

Mark Southerland*: ($2,000)
Musician and installation artist Mark Southerland leads a team of five artists working on a new performance installation work about nomadic cultures in the digital universe, designed with a goal of museum exhibition in addition to touring opportunities. Inspiration funds will pay for the creation of an enormous costume/set sculpture piece as the central core focus of the installation. Mark has been a primary partner on two previous Inspiration grants, working first on a jazz concert with musician Jeff Harshbarger and then on “We” with dancer/choreographer Jane Gotch.

Paul Anthony Smith: ($1,025)
ArtsKC funding will support some of the expenses for visual artist Paul Anthony Smith to attend the prestigious Art Omi Artists Residency program for three weeks this summer in New York. Paul was selected by Art Omi as its annual representative from the Kansas City region, an honor that is also accompanied by support from Charlotte Street Foundation for this trip, and he was recently recognized as a 2013 Charlotte Street Visual Arts Award Fellowship.