Musicians Foundation Medical and Emergency Support

Musicians Foundation Medical and Emergency Support

Musicians FoundationThe Musicians Foundation is committed to the singular mission of providing critical and life-changing financial assistance to professionals in the music industry.

To be eligible

You must have worked in the United States as a professional musician for at least five (5) years, and currently reside in the United States. All professional musicians, regardless of their genre or instrument, are eligible to apply. They give grants for medical and allied living expenses in emergencies.They do not give grants for scholarships, loans or private unemployment benefits. If necessary, applications may be filled out by friends or family of the musician in need.

They protect and respect the confidentiality of applicants.

To apply

  • Download and complete the Musicians Foundation Application.
  • Gather tax documents verifying your work as a professional musician.
  • Include a letter about your situation, a biography and copies of items documenting your career, including recordings, contracts, press clippings, guild/union card, etc. Please send copies, not originals, as we cannot return your items.
  • Gather medical documentation, if applicable. See application for specifics.
  • Mail your application to:
    Musicians Foundation
    Attn: Grant Application
    875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2303
    New York, NY 10001

A committee of experts will review your application and contact the references you have provided. Screening includes meeting with a social worker, and if applicable, a physician. The committee’s decision is binding.