Judith G. Levy– Featured Artist by Other People’s Pixels

Judith G. Levy– Featured Artist by Other People’s Pixels

Judith G. Levy uses humor, story-telling and the suspension of disbelief in her interdisciplinary practice to explore the intersection of public and private history. Her work reveals how personal experience, culture and historical events shape our identities. Her investigations of memory focus on what we remember and what we forget.

Selected as a featured artist by the web host, Other People’s Pixels, she has the opportunity to present her interdisciplinary art journey.  Read snippets of the interview below:

“It’s easy for me to see where the roots of some of my work reside. I grew up in a home where politics and history were discussed frequently and where ideology and dogma were questioned with Talmudic intensity…I began to understand that memory, both voluntary and involuntary, is patched together with fragments that may change over time.”

“Throughout my life, I was evolving into an interdisciplinary artist, but I didn’t really know it. In 2008, I fully embraced an interdisciplinary approach to conceiving and making work, and it seemed like the most perfect, complete and natural thing in the world to do, like breathing. And like breathing, it didn’t feel like a voluntary choice, but rather that the most intrinsic and essential element of my artistic existence had come home to roost. An interdisciplinary practice was going to allow me to create layered, complex, yet accessible work that would rely upon all of my skills as a visual artist. At the same time, it would permit me to integrate my interest in writing, filmmaking and performing, as well as tap into my longtime passion for fiction, history, politics and culture. Kansas City has been an excellent fit for me, and I’ve lived here for a little over four years. I have found the arts community to be very supportive of my interdisciplinary practice and full of opportunity.”

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Judith G. Levy is a Spring 2010 fellow and a current Artist INC II fellow.