Is Appropriation Theft?

Is Appropriation Theft?

KaySmith_zinnia-300x201Check out this article from Glasstire (a Texas-based Visual Art blog) about Kay Smith, an artist who found her paintings appropriated on T.J. Maxx pillows.

Artists Who Steal Art: When is Appropriation Simply Theft? 


Kay Smith, an artist from Big Springs, Texas, was having a down day when she decided to cheer herself up by visiting the new T.J.Maxx in Midland. Perusing the decorative pillows, she found a zinnia floral pattern that looked freakishly familiar. It was slightly cropped, but it was definitely her work. The cropping just happened to eliminate Smith’s usual signature and copyright symbol. T.J.Maxx removed the pillows and apologized to Smith; the import company has not responded to her communications.

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