Call for Proposals: Front/Space

Call for Proposals: Front/Space

  • Mar
  • 15

  • 12:00 AM
Contact: artistinc

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Front/Space is an ideal venue for someone who is looking to challenge or redefine the relationship of their work to their audience. This year they welcome proposals from individuals or collectives whose practices incorporate resistance, labor/services, imaginative politics, civic media, compassion as action, music, movement, audio/visual performance, temporary spaces, storytelling, craft histories, community technology, institutional critique, experimental writing, lecture and curation.

Front/Space especially encourages proposals that are accessible to and/or created by people of color, low-income individuals, immigrants, sex workers, youth, folks living in rural areas, Muslims, people with disabilities, women, GNC and LGBTQIA+ people.
Please submit a statement (500 words maximum) succinctly describing your concept and intentions, 6-10 images, and a CV or resume with contact information. Other supporting documents and/ or links to relevant work are welcome.

Proposals will be accepted between now and Wednesday, March 15th (deadline extended), 2017. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of past exhibiting artists.

Please submit all materials in a PDF (lastname_firstname.pdf) to with the subject line “OPEN CALL 2017”
When writing your proposal, consider answering some of the following questions:

– Does the public life of my project span one night, a weekend, or a month?
– What equipment will I need to execute this that I do not already have?
– Will I need a community partner to assist with the risks and challenges inherent in this project? If so, who might that be?
– How will this project impact my community?
– Why is Front/Space the ideal venue for my project?

If you need further assistance or guidance writing your proposal, please contact us with a draft and any questions.

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