Apply to become a Creative Community Fellow

Apply to become a Creative Community Fellow

  • Apr
  • 23

  • 12:00 AM
Contact: artistinc

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Around the world there are artists, activists, community organizers, administrators and entrepreneurs working as change-makers in their communities – using arts and culture as vehicles to drive physical and social transformations. Community change requires individuals with grit, those who are passionate and dedicated to tackling the challenges that lie ahead. It requires trailblazers who carefully engage local partners, who listen to the advice and counsel of community members and who can adapt their strategy based upon community feedback.

LEARN: Explore tools and frameworks from faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, National Arts Strategies, mentors, practitioners and your peers in areas such as human-centered design and leadership.

APPLY: Put your knowledge into practice, starting on day one. Test your ideas and receive feedback from this incredible community.

CONNECT: Join a community of practice where ideas grow and resources and collaborations thrive. This begins with the other Fellows in the cohort, but expands to include alumni, mentors, faculty, NAS and others in the field.

You should apply if you are:

  • A unique individual with an idea to use arts and culture to better a community
  • Curious, open and collaborative
  • Aware of the community problem you want to solve employing arts and culture as an agent in the solution
  • From an urban, suburban or rural community
  • Not necessarily associated with an organization



Application deadline: April 23, 2017

Participants notified of application status: June 7, 2017

Creative Community House: August 6-14, 2017 | East Topsham, Vermont

Online learning: Summer 2017–Winter 2018

Creative Community Launchpad: February 7-11, 2018 | Bainbridge Island, Washington


Tuition is on NAS. All tuition, including the cost of lodging, food, local transportation and program fees ($8,000) is completely underwritten.

Fellows are responsible for their transportation to and from the two in-person events.*

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