Make art. Document it. Send it to The White House.

Conservatives and liberals; critics and supporters; artist of all kinds are invited to send creative work to The White House as messages of hope and messages of concern in response to or in support of the politics, policies, and rhetoric of President Trump and his administration.

This project aims to create a unique collection of political art indicative of this moment, forever to be held within the National Archives’ Presidential Libraries, and a collection of the responses from the White House. Artists should submit documentation of their artwork and later documentation of a letter from the White House. In addition to the online archive, physical gallery presentations are being sought.

Artists are especially encouraged to participate during the first 100 days of the new administration.

For more information on how to participate, please visit

Project by: Steven H Silberg

In June 2016, artists and scientists convened near the confluence the Missouri and the Kansas Rivers to swap river stories.  From those discussions, the idea of bringing together contemporary art, current scientific research, interactive natural resource workshops, and big river adventures was born.  Built around the theme of the Missouri River and its tributaries, real and metaphorical, Tributary creates an experimental resource evaluation that mingles observation, experience, and intuition to improve understanding of one of our nation’s greatest natural resources. Tributary artists (several being Artist INC Fellows) and scientists include: Karen McCoy, Caitlin Horsmon, Sarah Hearn, Mellisa McGrath, Steve Snell, Anson the Ornery, Lynn Benson, Tim Amundson, Libby Reuters and Joshua Brown, Carrie Elliott, Dave Heimann, and Heather Krempa. Chief Hydrologist for Tributary is m.o.i. aka The Minister of Information.

Tributary Exhibitions.

Tributary at Healthy Rivers Partnership, 815 Woodswether Rd, KCMO, Opens Sat., Apr 8th, 1-4 pm. Closes Apr 22nd. Venue open Fri/Saturdays. Or by appt.

Tributary at La Esquina, 1000 W 25th St, KCMO, Opens Fri., May 12th. Closes June 10th.  Venue open Wed-Sat; Hours 12-5pm/Thur 11-6pm.

Tributary Programming.

Sat, April 8th, Artist talks @ Healthy Rivers Partnership, 2pm.

Tuesday, April 24th.  Caroline Elliott. USGS geomorphologist, “What Does the Bottom of the Missouri River Look Like?” As part of the Big Muddy Speaker Series, 7 pm. Westport Coffee House, 4010 Pennsylvania Ave, KCMO

Tuesday, May 23rd, Dave Heimann, USGS hydrologist, “Where’s the Mud: Understanding sediment sources and storage in the Big Muddy?”, as part of the Big Muddy Speaker Series, 7 pm, Westport Coffee House, 4010 Pennsylvania Ave, KCMO

Thursday, June 1, A Whole World at Your Feet, Invertebrate Workshop w/ USGS biologist Heather Krempa at La Esquina. 5:30-7pm.

Big River Tributary.

Saturday, June 10th. At high noon, adventure artist Steve Snell will commander Daunting Courage, a cardboard replica of Lewis and Clark’s keelboat into historic Kaw Point. The public can witness and provide testimony from the vantage point of a former Lewis and Clark camp. Water protectors from Healthy Rivers Partnership will offer free Missouri River boat tours from noon until 2 pm.