Crafting your Artist Talk, A Teleseminar on June 18

Crafting your Artist Talk, A Teleseminar on June 18

artist-talk-300Artist Diane Jacobs works in so many forms, including sculpture, artist books, and printmaking, and with such unique materials like human hair that it’s hard to categorize her work. This made it challenging when we worked together to create her artist talk, a presentation she now gives in gallery, academic, and community settings.

But from the struggle to articulate her mission and shape her talk, she emerged with an artist talk that captures the message behind all her work, no matter the form or the materials. Jacobs’ work is both playful and provocative as she seeks to ignite conversations among her viewers on topics including the politics of hair, gender, race, incarceration, and the environment. Although her work is witty and humorous, behind all of it is a deeper message about the injustices she witnesses in the world.

If it’s time for you to create your own artist talk and you don’t know where to begin or how to flesh it out, join me for “Your Artist Talk,” my next teleseminar hosted by Alyson Stanfield at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET) on Tuesday, June 18. See below for details or register here.

Teleseminar: Giving A Talk About Your Art

If you’ve sat in on other artists’ talks, but have no idea what you’d say about your art or, if you know that giving a talk about your art would be good for you but you don’t know where to begin, join me for:

Your Artist Talk
A teleseminar with Gigi Rosenberg
Hosted by Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield

Tuesday, June 18
8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, and 5pm PT
1-hour audio program just $27

In one hour, you will learn:

  • How to decide what to talk about and how to structure your talk
  • Where you can start speaking right now
  • What you have to say and why it’s more than you think
  • How to open and close your talk with a bang
  • How to use your talk to grow your audience
  • How to keep your audience engaged

Gigi also shares 3 items you must never leave out of Your Artist Talk.

You will receive:

  1. Handout
  2. Access to live call on June 18 at 8pm ET (5 pm PT)
  3. MP3 recording of telesminar
  4. Written transcript of teleseminar

Register here