Artists and Healthcare

Artists and Healthcare

With the upholding of the Affordable Care Act by the Supreme Court last week, a number of articles have popped up about the impact of the ACA on artists.  Here’s a round-up:

Adam Huttler, Founder and Executive Director of Fractured Atlas, weighs in at the Huffington Post:

“…it is an especially welcome development for the nation’s two million artists.

Our community offers a preview of the 21st century labor force. Untethered by traditional employment relationships, artists are mobile, independent, and compensated based on the fruits of their intellectual labors. They are also chronically underpaid and, when it comes to traditional employment benefits like health insurance, largely expected to fend for themselves.

Read the full column, including  a recap of the major changes in store with ACA, here. discusses the art community’s long support for health care reform and also outlines some of the positive benefits:

The stakes in U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today about the Affordable Care Act were high — not least for practicing artists. Even if they’re industrious and well-educated, artists occupy a particularly precarious sector of the workforce where stable income and benefits can be hard to come by.

They also link to a report by Leveraging Investments in Creativity, that reaches this conclusion:

The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has the potential to significantly improve health care conditions for individual artists and the owners of small creative sector businesses, who often have trouble acquiring adequate health insurance. Yet the degree to which this potential is realized is dependent on how the law is implemented on the state level and whether it outlasts the Obama administration.

The full piece is here and there is a LOT of data and information in the LINC report here. spotlights an artist-led barter model for healthcare – the O+ Festival:

Enter some artists from Kingston, New York, who got together with healthcare professionals in their area to plan a way to access medical care that doesn’t involve the government, insurance companies – or dollars.

So innovative that it merited a TED talk,, the O+ festival was conceived in 2009 with the idea of “Bartering the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art.” Artists perform or show their art at the festival, and receive “payment” with healthcare services.

Here’s the link to the article and the O+ Festival.


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