Artist INC Alumni participate in the Charlotte Street Foundation, rises Zora Garden Party at Prairie Logic

Artist INC Alumni participate in the Charlotte Street Foundation, rises Zora Garden Party at Prairie Logic

PrairieLogicAs part of the multi-venue visual arts project organized by Charlotte Street Curator-In-Residence Jamilee Polson Lacy, rises Zora, allows Kansas City-based artists to illustrate and contribute to the multifaceted history, present and future of the labyrinth as a concept that encompasses nearly every aspect of urban experience. Sporadically staging installations, performances, public events and more across the Kansas City metro area, artists activate and connect the city’s dynamic spaces in their efforts to understand, emphasize, and travel the urban labyrinth.

Artist INC Alumni, Hunter Long and Laura Isaac will be performing outside at Prairie Logic for the Garden Party series.

Consistently present in the theoretical history of the labyrinth as well as urbanity is tension between two binaries: natural vs. built and public vs. private. Indeed, pre-modern hedge mazes, which are essential nature custom designed by man, attempted to reconcile these conflicts. Similarly, urban parks and city gardens create comprises for those same binaries: Such places bring nature into the ultimate built environment—the city; and they are public spaces which provide a beautiful and safe space for imaginative play, respite, escape, and privacy from the rest of the busy urban labyrinth. The rises Zora Garden Parties are a platform for artists and performers to engage and expose these binary concepts to audiences and park/garden users across the city.

Garden Party #2:

TUESDAY, June 4 at 6pm at Prairie Logic, 1271 Main Street, 6th floor


Saxophonist Hunter Long and the Ad Astra percussion quartet perform an aural interpretation of the urban labyrinth, while Laura Isaac and Maritza Ruiz Kim stage an interactive, multi-cursal labyrinth made of hand-sized stones.

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