Article about KC’s Socially Engaged Art scene in the Huff Post

Article about KC’s Socially Engaged Art scene in the Huff Post

freshbreadArtist INC Fellow, Blair Schulman, had an article published in the Huffington Post last week focusing on socially-engaged art in Kansas City. The article focused mainly on recently awarded Charlotte Street Fellow, Sean Starowitz.

The Self-Fulfillment of Socially Engaged Art

Alongside the recent press about a new Gilded Age of art economics (replace Carnegie and Frick with Arnault and Walton) there is a movement of socially engaged art that is gathering momentum. While some art works reach sales in the nine figures, Kansas City artist Sean Starowitz asks us to, “re-think the offering between commodity and experience.”

Starowitz is a 2014 recipient of the Charlotte Street Foundation award for his work as an activist and artist. A wide range of projects includes BREAD! KC, a microfunding concept based on the Sunday Soup Network. Offering a communal meal for a small donation, participants are introduced to artists from the community who discuss their projects. Diners then choose which project they wish to fund with donations received at the door; a successful concept that has generated over $15,000 in three years.

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